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Botswana is well-regarded to offer the best game-viewing in Southern Africa. Landlocked and largely covered by the vast Kalahari Desert, northern Botswana is reinvigorated each year when rains in northern Angola flood into the Okavango Delta producing a spectacle that is unparalleled anywhere else on Earth.

Thanks to a combination of some of the largest private game reserves on the continent with strict government quotas, safari in Botswana is of exceptional quality. Such is the respect to wildlife, almost the entire north of the country has been left to run wild. This restriction on tourism has left safari in Botswana the most exclusive on the continent.

Beyond the Delta

The Okavango Delta, the jewel in Botswana’s safari crown, is by far the most popular destination. Paddling silently through thick reeds in a traditional mokoro canoe is one of our all-time highlights of Africa.

Further south, the arid and dry landscape of the Makgadikgadi Salt-Pans and Central Kalahari Game Reserve offer a completely different experience. With the rains of Angola only penetrating so far into Botswana, these dusty plains are open for big cats left to roam free in search of prey.

Botswana’s exclusivity means it has an outstanding collection of the highest quality safari lodges. Given the enormity of the country the majority of camps accommodate light aircraft, giving you the opportunity to make the most of your time.

When to go

The ‘Green Season’ is from November to April and is when most rainfall occurs. Despite this, being a semi-arid desert this period isn’t necessarily unpleasant. It’s during this period that calving occurs.

Confusingly, the floods of the Okavango Delta come during the dry season between May and October. During this season you can expect hot sunny days and chilly nights.

Practical Information

Time Zone: UTC +2

Currency: Botswanan Pula (BWP)

Visa: The majority of nationalities do not require a visa to enter Botswana.

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