Country Profile

Madagascar is a truly unique country full of surprises and beauty. This huge island (the fourth largest in the world) has incredibly varied landscapes, from huge sweeping sand dunes, palm-fringed beaches, volcanoes, jagged limescale pinnacles and stunning baobab forests, many of which have been protected by the government.

Owing to Madagascar’s impressive size and relative underdevelopment, many of these incredibly beautiful areas are difficult to access. What this does mean however is that the few who do make the journey are handsomely rewarded!

Wonderful Wildlife

Having been isolated from Africa for such a long time, Madagascar has essentially been in an evolutionary ‘bubble’ where flora and fauna has been allowed to evolve independently from the rest of the world. The result of which is an incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem where more than 80% of its wildlife is endemic.

With over 100 species of lemurs (including one that could comfortably sit in an eggcup!), over 75 species of chameleon, the bizarre fossa and roughly 13,000 plant species all found nowhere else on Earth, Madagascar is the perfect destination for anyone wanting a holiday full of fascination and intrigue!

When to Go

As the weather in Madagascar varies significantly month by month, it is important to time your visit well.

From late December to April is cyclone season when we would recommend avoiding travel to the country. From April to June the weather can be intermittent with some periods of glorious sunshine, then heavy downpours.

July to November is the best time to visit as the weather is predominantly dry and cooler. The days get hotter and hotter throughout the year until November and December when the rains start again.

If you are travelling to Madagascar to see humpback whales as the migrate from the Antarctic to calve, try to plan your visit between July to September.

Practical Information

Time Zone: UTC +3

Currency: Madagascar Ariary Pula (MGA)

Visa: The majority of nationalities require a visa to enter Madagascar.

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