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The world can feel pretty small these days. Information bounces around at the speed of light, and journeys that once lasted several months can be completed in the time it takes to pop to the cinema and watch the latest Hollywood hit. We’ll forgive you then, for thinking that the age of “real” adventure is behind us. But, happily, you’d be wrong. Spin the globe and you’ll see the places we’re talking about; vast expanses without a road or a town; exotic names of the tongue-twister variety; rivers, mountains and valleys rarely seen by human eyes. That’s exactly where we headed on our Expeditions.

Natural Selection’s Expeditions are dedicated to exploring these seldom-explored corners of our planet, and to finding fresh ways of discovering more familiar ones. Our Expeditions aren’t simply about getting off the beaten track – that’s the easy part. We want to connect with these places; to share a cup of tea with the local chieftain, and to seek out species so rare that they seem mythical. We know, it’s a tall order, and that’s why our Expeditions are led by some of the world’s foremost naturalist guides and experts. And, more often than not, one of the founders of Natural Selection will join the fun as well.

Time your visit with Botswana’s seasons

Botswana is a destination that holds unique wonders every month of the year. While it's very easy to say that there's no bad time to visit a country, we really, really mean it for Botswana. The seasons follow the same climactic patterns of most of Southern Africa, bar a slight curve-ball.

The best way to understand when to go to Botswana is to look at the three 'safari seasons', Green, Shoulder and Peak:

Green Season: This typically runs from mid-December to the end of March and is when there is the greatest chance of rain. It is, however, unlikely to rain continuously for long periods, and if it does rain it is more often than not a big storm which then clears, which makes for phenomenal photographic compositions. It is during these months that many zebra migrate down towards the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. Nightly rates are at their lowest in this season.

Shoulder Season: As the seasons change from the rains towards the drier winter we enter the first Shoulder Season, which runs from the beginning of April to the end of May. In this time you can expect to find a bush full of life and wonderful green grasses all around. The second Shoulder Season runs from the beginning of November through to mid-December as the summer rain storms build.

Peak Season: From June to the end of October is when Botswana, and in particular the Okavango Delta, is at its peak. The water from the rains has largely evaporated but the flood waters from Angola will have arrived to top up the channels of the Delta.

You can read more about Botswana's seasons in our 'A Year in the Okavango Delta' blog post.

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